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Sellindge & District Bowls Club

Sellindge and District Bowls Club Competition Rules 2016.

  1. Challenger (top name) and opponent are equally responsible for arranging the match.

  2. The Challenger is responsible to arrange a marker in singles.

  3. All games to be put into diary by Challenger.

  4. No more than 5 games to be played at any one time as one rink to be free for roll-ups.

  5. Friday Night restricted to three rinks

  6. County competitions and club matches take priority for rinks and players.

  7. All games must be played by the dates specified. Failure to do so will result in disqualification to either the challenger, opponent or both.

  8. Pairs and Triple competitions may have 1 substitute and the team that plays in the semi-final will be the team that plays in the final. Any substitute must be ratified by the committee.

  9. Competitors must have played at least 5 games for the club by finals day or they will be disqualified from the final.

  10. Any disputes or queries must be raised to the competition committee before the end date of the competition.

  11. If competitors are going on holiday make your opponent aware of the dates of the holiday.

  12. Only enter the competitions if you are available to play the games and abide by the rules.

  13. The green must be on the marks set for the day of play.

  14. Rinks to be drawn from all rinks available on date of play.

  15. Play may commence at any time after noon and if there is an evening match play must be finished by 5.30pm

  16. Committee: Roger Coker

    For information.....
    1. Singles matches are 4 woods each player, winner being first to score 21 shots.
    2. Pairs matches are 4 woods each player over 21 ends.
    3. Triples matches are 3 woods each player over 18 ends.
    4. Handicaps score against you.  e.g. if your handicap is 8 and you opponent's 5 then you opponent should add 3 shots to their first end.