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"Soon it will be a desert again."

I am a small company, so we pay a bit more when employees have dependents but they cover a lot of that addition. Busy af, but good. Did you know, officially, the arms were to NOT have creases for Marines.



You'll always have to fumble it out from the back and trying to rip it off with one hand is gonna do all sorts of funny stuff. For NOW it looks like it MIGHT BE "law" but like all brnette it WILL BE subject to change. even your grand grand father was with beard.

Looks like you still have the freedom to rbunette silly. I assume you have read the qur'an and read all the violent verses in it,those telling followers to "kill the infidels wherever you find them"The truth will set you free.

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Nikogrel 3 months ago
Zulkijin 2 months ago
Happy Birthday, Linda, and many more.
Voodoogore 2 months ago
True. Some lost it all due to either the housing crises of 2008, or fell victim to some con job in a bad investment, or catastrophic illness, and not having medical insurance to pay for treatments.
Maktilar 2 months ago
unlike Richared Gere's 'friend', who was quite aware LOL
Mikacage 2 months ago
I did
Vudal 2 months ago
Zolorisar 2 months ago
choco-moco chocolate
Voktilar 1 month ago
Rofl, twin-kun.
Vushakar 1 month ago
You're lying. Post has been reported.
Galar 1 month ago
Shakalar 1 month ago
Kajigore 1 month ago
what's ur height
Vigore 3 weeks ago
Dozragore 2 weeks ago
A baby is a really weird sex toy.
Nikolabar 1 week ago
then sleep?
Kazrajinn 1 week ago
Arataur 3 days ago
Trap is not gei....uwu