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"Amazing :D"

You haven't done either so, so what. He's a true believer.


See Blaise Pascal. Europeans not paying attention to what's going on in their own backyard. Hope youre ready for a list longer than a cvs receipt Ya lol, I wanted to make a meme with them So what fucking drugs were they on when they made that ungodly pose They wouldn't even last a second before drawing that, they'd immediately sex Super sexy blonde Kate England hardcore doggystle sex if they were horny, high and having sex while they made that Then it would literally look like a sex pose and not a touch-each-other pose Maybe gt.

Profeesional have no proof that God does not nor cannot exist and you make no attempt to provide one, since you i only have evidence that I lack sufficient and compelling evidence to demonstrate any god claim I have ever heard.

Youre welcome.

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Professional dick sucker

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Tauramar 6 months ago
it's ruining it for me T^T
Meran 6 months ago
#1. Defrost
Fegrel 6 months ago
No its korean
Kigaktilar 6 months ago
Keep those fluffy puppies toasty 😘😘😘
Mera 6 months ago
thank you for listening to my TED talk, whatevs
Vudoran 6 months ago
Thank you :) im glad you like it :D
Akijora 5 months ago
Who would you hate as my alt?
Voodoolkis 5 months ago
Nothing comes to mind, actually.
Vurr 5 months ago
Thank God the 2nd Amendment is in our Constitution.
Doran 5 months ago
Felar 5 months ago
True beauty comes from the heart.
Yorisar 4 months ago
Yes yes...uwu
Daikasa 4 months ago
Hahahaha! Gooood one.... definitely... sure...
Maunos 4 months ago
haha thx dude :D
Nekasa 4 months ago
He's gay,really?
Mazura 4 months ago
Good one dear
Kazrashicage 3 months ago
2. Yawning
Fesar 3 months ago
preaching to the choir
Dile 3 months ago
Thanks, Infa! You Made My Day!
Dajora 3 months ago
What kind of a heartless person would write such a ridiculous statement? Kindness is not meaningless because you don't know the person. This is an example of what happens when there isn't enough kindness in the world. The kids are not being held back from making friends. They are being reminded that there are still kind people in the world and the possibility of friendship is still out there.
Mazuramar 2 months ago
Voodoozahn 2 months ago
once again,
Tautilar 2 months ago
Tell me about it!!!
Moogulrajas 2 months ago
Oh here's your pic sis
Daimuro 1 month ago
People haven't came.
Vudohn 1 month ago
Why yes, she is.
Gardagami 1 month ago
WHAT A MORON.This isn't the 1950's anymore, guys.
Medal 1 month ago
Denton is a loser looking for a quick score
Mazugore 1 month ago
No, I feel sorry for ya, really
Kajijind 1 month ago